Conservative Orthodoxy

Loving Heartfelt Compliance With All That Jesus Discussed, versus A False Sense Of Belief For Cultural Christians, In Society.

Are we giving allegiance to another Jesus, made in our society's image rather than the person discussed in the infallible Bible ?

We humans tend to be products of our cultures more than authentic disciples. Cultures in which animism is prevelant reportedly mix biblical teaching with beliefs of animism. Cultural Christians tend to do similar mixing of beliefs, such as theistic evolution (, materialism for our comfort zones, youthful addictions, liberalism, pantheism for mormons and others (not infinite gods, unlike infinite Jesus), etc.

Thankfully there is hope. When we progressively learn to agree with the Bible (daily Bible readings and scholarly teachings) the Holy Spirit begins to enlighten our minds, showing us things which reflective believers progressively learn to distance themselves from. "First we make our habits, then our habits make us", Charles Noble. An easy way to navigate through quick daily readings in one year is with NKJV daily Bible for Kindle or Kindle App for Android (Google Play Store)/PC.

Lord Of All or Not Lord At All by SDA Chris Buttery


The Seal Of God Text eBook   ,   PDF eBook
Designs in Nature : "Would you say that these millions of exquisite designs, far exceeding in beauty and workmanship anything produced by man, are the result of mere chance ?"

Angels Aliens Afterlife

It needs to be mentioned that with so much emphasis on biblical theology or theory that we can overlook God's mercy. I don't adjudicate on issues that may or not fall into this category but prayerfully defer to God & Jesus.

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