Conservative Soul-Mate

Openminded vs stubborn ?
Appeal to alleged authority without uncontroversial evidence, like heptadics, NDEs, quantum physics of DNA, Peer review (similar to the sciences for reality checks), etc.

In a scientifically rigorous culture, with widespread education, society require a high level of veracity (similar to, wherever rigor is rationally available.

Christian faith is implied to be a white mans religion, (rather than of authentic Messianic-Jews of colour), so competing rhetoric implicitly appeals as an opiate for the ME peoples - ie it allegedly offers them an identity (but is only finite).

Christianity uniquely embodys an infinite God and Jesus, per repeatedly raising the dead on demand, heptadics, numerics, a way of remedying large scale and cosmic entropy, etc.

Man made finite heresies dress themselves up in fine sounding superlatives without proofs or evidence to support those superlatives. It's a kind of "hope", minus a basis for tangible infinite proofs or evidences; as for scientific reality checks, (like

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Church-Home/Cell Groups are a good alternative for those who prefer it.