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Putting a lot of increasingly totalitarian power in a few hands, (where politics is said to be about the art of compromise, and quick fixes that patch it up and keep on rolling), ignores the perils of that.

We need either the below improved option, or possibly 2 (cheap and manageable) systems, one for carefree folks, the other for numerous conscientious objectors :-
  • one which is apparently a defacto digital ID associated with Real_ID;
  • the second using 2 Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator from Play Store.

Instead of the covid passport, we can prefer to display our laminated card with the details of our vaccinations, and our National Health Index NHI number. Some say there's a likelihood of fraud, but when our NHI number is associated with our home address and our photo, fraud is unlikely - and there could be additional security enhancing options without buying into political overreach.

Since the covid passport system can use a cheap smartphone, a 3rd workable approach is to have a read-only NHI website that looks up our vaccination status from our home address and/or NHI number, much like internet service providers use our home address lookup to locate our internet details and customer number. There's no privacy concern about that type of information. And it's an easily managed approach. We can begin the lookup, on an NHI website, using our home address, then (after using either a simple phone SMS Text message, or Google Authenticator if preferred, to confirm it is us) pick from a brief list which NHI number has our public vaccination details and photo, displayed to those requiring that confirmation by law.
We could simplify authentication, by using a simple phone SMS Text OneTimePasscode OTP - like many businesses already use. For covid we may not even need a photo, though if extended to eftpos it could become optionally desirable - like for drivers licenses and passports ?

There's little privacy concern about our vaccination status, as businesses are requiring disclosure already - which was requested from our workplace yesterday, due to many businesses requiring eachother to prove they're vaccinated, according to our manager.

Government are apparently associating our vaccination status with a Real_ID so as to setup one health record for a number of health issues. But that's not necessary as medical doctors already use MyIndici records, for the App - from Google Play Store, to cover known medical conditions. If that is deemed insufficient for questionable reasons then that should be subject to public scrutiny and suggestions too, not merely conflated into one half baked political overreach.

Why Big Tech Wants You To Ditch Your Password CNBC Jan 2020

Patch it up and keep on rolling is the modus operandi of political leaders. The fact of life that increase in crime necessitates increases in security leads us all into the Mark of the Beast, however unwilling leaders might be. Security is symptomatic of the crime driving those security measures. So increased security is a direct metric of that crime, and broad acceptance of digital IDs is proof that society has broadly failed to accept God's standards of behaviour, as our way of life, detailed at and

With cashless digital currency rapidly growing in popularity, some large nations reportedly view it as a means of improving their debt ridden and tax avoiding economys, and with the CRISPR Cas9 genetic revolution being embraced by large nations, the final digital ID is only a play away. Though the covid digital passport is the thin edge of the wedge it is still a defacto digital ID, so can easily morph into a means of totalitarian controlling of populations.

These things start out good, until megalomania tendencies win political control, similar to many dictators in modern times. Like a rifle can be used for self defence or crime, making (unnecessarily over-reaching ) policy that's open to morphing into megalomania is historically perilous.

We can improve on proof of identity without adopting a digital ID by using 2 Factor Authentication - where our phone company uses our PIN and either a simple phone SMS Text message, or Google Authenticator if preferred, to authenticate phone based transactions, like a number of businesses already do.

A smartphone can be purchased for NZD$139 now - , and a small learning curve is better than a digital ID with totalitarian political power, privacy, and spiritual issues - as briefly touched on by attorney general Barr in the US - who saw the over-reach for it's serious shortcomings.

A smartphone also needs to install and simply setup AutoStart app then start NetGuard Firewall or better, from Google Play Store, to protect the PIN and Google Authenticator from hacking attempts.

There's a reason that collection of DNA sequences is already occurring, by certain businesses and legal agents, because they're intent on globally ID'g everyone regardless of political totalitarian power, privacy, and spiritual concerns.

Being a qualified computer and electronics engineer, I can clarify any issues that the above might raise, through the

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