Conservative Soul-Mate

Soul-Mate Revival

A major goal of soul-mate orthodoxy is to resolve large scale entropy. We cherry pick teachings that optimise biblical fruitfulness while deemphasizing controversial teaching. Being the only recipe for harmonious society means we don't fully identify with existing groups, whose practises are (partially) not resulting in the promised outpouring of the Holy Spirit -- essential to resolving large scale entropy. The fact that large scale entropy is prevalent shows there's work to do in achieving biblically consistent Holy Spirit led revival.

That revival won't have any one person as it's leader, because like the tongues of fire rested on all of the disciples at Pentecost, and each proclaimed God's truths, so we would expect an outpouring of the (biblical) Holy Spirit to be a corporate event/s, that doesn't result in ego trip/s for humanity at large. I'm reminded that when Jesus ascended after His resurrection that from then on the Holy Spirit was sent to all disciples, without need of tongues of fire for most of them. It's not ascension etc that authenticate Holy Spirit activity now, but heptadic structure of writings on which biblically consistent behaviour is based.

As Jesus lived a lowly way of life, so status and glamour are quite limited for an authentic faith to succeed. That's not to imply there's no need for groups to contribute to the salary of revivalists. Attempting *authentic* revival in any more human/finite way would peter-out, if it even gained momentum, and couldn't resolve large scale entropy for the longterm. We are encouraged to read through to detail the prerequisites for authentic revival.

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